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Crafted with clean, non-toxic, and ethically-sourced oils, butters, and plant-derived botanicals in small batches for top quality control.

Free of parben and cruelty.

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Inspired by the love of helping others

KLEANSE is driven in providing authentic, ethically-sourced, and premium quality bath and body products to bring greater awareness to nourish and protect what we love, beginning with ourselves and the place we call home, the planet Earth. Mindfully handmade using a traditional soap making method dating back centuries known as Cold Process. Packed with plant based, vegan, and sustainable ingredients, infused with vitamins and minerals from natural botanicals.

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I usually put lotion on my legs/heels after a shower but with the Rose Bar I don't have to anymore. - age, 51 (f)


It makes my hand feel very soft. - age, 45 (m)

I like to start my day off with the rosebar, and then I use the charcoal bar to shave and have no complaints. - age, 22 (f)


They smell so good and relaxes me. Eucalyptus and lavender are my favorite. - age, 50 (f)


I love how they smell. The Rose Bar makes my skin feel very soft and i have enough to share with my friends. - age, 75 (f)


My skin feels so baby soft and smooth. - age, 25 (m)


It's not recommended for the face but I use i for both and I noticed my wrinkle lines smoothing out. - age, 80 (f)


This shouldn't be a bad thing but I work with my hands alot and now I have no more callouses after using the Charcoal Bar. - age, 31 (m)


Skin feels soft and smooth, helped with my back acne and I love how the tea tree smells. - age, 30 (m)


It smells nice and calming. I hide it from my kids. - age, 50 (f)


I love all of them. I use the Rose Bar in the morning and the Charcoal Bar at night. I like to use the Charcoal Bar when shave too. - age, 23 (f)


Applies very well. Once dry it feels relaxing and smooth. - age, 33 (m)


I love it and my mom loves it. It makes my hands look like I just got a pedicure. - age, 25 (m)


My girlfriend said my hands actually feels and looks nice. - age, 27 (m)


View Fragrance Notes Details In-Depth

You can also find future candle drops here by scent name.

Fresh fragrances usually comprise of citrus, water and green notes. This means they have refreshing, zesty and vibrant smells. Citrus-based fragrances are usually created with lemon, mandarin and bergamot.
Fresh green fragrances are often reminiscent of herbal and leafy scents for a crisp, uplifting smell. Created with notes of lavender, rosemary, or basil.

Floral has a sweet and flowery scent, with notes such as roses, jasmine, lilies and peonies.
Floral fragrances can range from being light and delicate, to more complex and intense.

Oriental fragrances are warm, sweet and even a little spicy.
Rich and sensual, often made with interesting notes of cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla alongside the likes of jasmine, orchid and orange blossom.

Woody fragrances are another warm family, with a mysterious and captivating scent that is often favoured amongst aftershaves in particular. Using wood-based smells like cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and amber, it’s a great choice for wearing in the evening.
Woody fragrances are split into mossy woods with an earthy, sweet undertone, and dry woods which often have a smoky, leathery smell to them.

Understanding Fragrance Notes
You will often see top, middle and base notes being used to describe a fragrance.

The top notes of a fragrance, also known as the head or opening notes, are what you smell immediately after spraying or smelling your perfume or cologne; they evaporate quickly but will form the first impression of the fragrance.

The middle, or heart, notes appear once the top notes have disappeared. These notes are considered to be the main body of the fragrance, lasting longer than the top notes and are usually well-rounded.

Base notes are what is left at the end; it is this smell that you remember the most. The base notes are the longest lasting.

You can find out what each scent could smell like by looking at them individually. (You can also see future releases)

Agave: sweet, earthy, green, fresh, watery


Allspice: sweet, dry, cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg, spicy, warm

Products with Allspice:

Ginger and Spice


Almond: gourmand, fruity, nutty, sweet, salty, succulent, creamy

Products with Almond:

Toasted Coconut


Aloe: fresh, green, light, watery, subtle, succulent, transparent

Products with Aloe:

White Oak and Vanilla


Amaretto: gourmand, almond, liquorice, creamy, sweet, nutty

Products with Amaretto:

Tonka and Oud


Amber: warm, sensual, exotic, musky, soft, slightly sweet, slightly spicy, amber

Products with Amber:

Fraser Fir


Anise: sweet, soft, licorice, mild

Products with Anise:

Pineapple Sage


Balsam: sweet, rich, warm, balsamic, fresh, woody, resinous

Products with Balsam:

Tonka and Oud


Bamboo: sweet, clean, green, fresh, watery, subtle

Products with Bamboo:

Black Coral and Moss

Banana: fruity, sweet, mellow

Products with Banana:

Banana Nut Bread

Peach Nectar


Bergamot: citrus, floral, spicy, dry, aldehydic, fruity

Products with Bergamot:

Black Violet and Saffron


Black Cherry: fruity, red fruit, juicy, sweet

Products with Black Cherry:

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Cashmere Plum


Black Currant: fruity, tart, red fruit, juicy, sweet, berry

Products with Black Currant:

Cranberry Woods


Black Tea: dry, leafy, earthy, floral, sweet, smoky, spiced

Blackberry: fruity, red fruit, musky

Products with Blackberry:

Rose and Oud


Blueberry: fresh, fruity, sweet, berry, tangy, juicy


Bourbon: vanilla, caramel, honey, sweet, citrus, rose, peppery, dark, amber, oak, rich

Products with Bourbon:

Butterscotch and Bourbon


Brown Sugar: gourmand, sugary, buttery, balsamic


Butter: sweet, creamy, milky, fatty

Products with Butter:

Blueberry Cheesecake

Lemon Pound Cake



Buttercream: butter, vanilla, creamy, sugary

Products with Buttercream:

Toasted Pumpkin Spice


Butterscotch: rich, warm, sweet, caramel

Products with Butterscotch:

Butterscotch and Bourbon


Cake: sweet, gourmand, sugary, buttery, warm

Products with Cake:

Lemon Pound Cake

Limoncello Creme


Camphor: fresh, aromatic, herbal, cooling, camphor, pine, balsamic

Products with Camphor:

Black Coral and Moss


Caramel: gourmand, sugary, salty, caramel, creamy

Products with Caramel:

Caramel Popcorn


Caramelized Sugar: sweet, gourmand, lactonic, sugary, creamy, rich

Products with Caramelized Sugar:

Toasted Coconut

Brown Sugar and Fig


Cardamom: spicy, citrus, aromatic, zesty, peppery, balsamic, green, herbal

Products with Cardamom:

Pumpkin Souffle


Carnation: sweet, spicy, floral, clove, bright

Products with Carnation:

Rose Petals

Rose and Oud

Peach Mango Bellini


Cedar: balsamic, woody, soft, cooling, musky

Products with Cedar:

Dry Gin and Cypress

Fraser Fir


Chili Pepper: spicy, hot, fiery

Products with Chili Pepper:

Sweet Orange and Chili Pepper


Cinnamon: warm, woody, spicy, peppery, almond, clove, citrus, sweet, dry

Products with Cinnamon:

Cranberry Woods


Citron: dry citrus, zesty, fresh, citrus, white wood, bright

Products with Citron:

Persimmon Citron

Clove: spicy, smoky, dusty, cinnamon, floral-carnation


Coconut: fruity, exotic, coconut, milky, creamy, gourmand

Products with Coconut:

Coconut Milk: fruity, coconut, sweet, vanilla


Coffee: gourmand, coffee, toasted, woody

Products with Coffee:

Caramel Latte


Cranberry: tart, fruity, red fruit, juicy, aromatic, musk, apple, berry

Products with Cranberry:

Cranberry Woods


Cypress: woody, green, resinous, coniferous, citrus

Products with Cypress:

Fraser Fir

Dry Gin and Cypress


Dark Musk: animalic, clean, comfortable, longlasting, powdery, round, sexy, soft

Products with Dark Musk:

Tonka and Oud


Earth: mossy, damp, musky, peppery, minerality, green


Eucalyptus: green, aromatic, woody, forest, sharp, risemart, mint, honey, citrus, airy


Evergreen: green, woody, pine, warm, fresh, crisp, strong

Products with Evergreen:

Fraser Fir


Fig: fruity, green, lactonic, sulfuric

Products with Fig:

Brown Sugar and Fig


Fir: fresh, piney, resinous, coniferous

Products with Fir:

Cranberry Woods

Fraser Fir


Frankincense/Olibanum: earthy, woody, piney, balsamic, soft, sweet, citrus

Products with Frankincense/Olibanum:

Frankincense and Myrrh


Gardenia: floral, white flower, fruity, green, animalic, spicy


Geranium: floral, sweet, citrus, fruity, rose, lemon, herbaceous, warm, green

Products with Geranium:

Black Violet and Saffron


Gin: liquor, gin, juniper, citrus

Products with Gin:

Dry Gin and Cypress


Ginger: spicy, peppery, sharp, pungent, aromatic, warm


Graham Cracker: gourmand, sweet, cinnamon, brown sugar, warm

Products with Graham Cracker:

Blueberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake


Grapefruit: citrus, fresh, juicy, bitter


Grass: green, fresh, fruity

Products with Grass:



Green Floral: green, floral, grass, fresh, tart

Products with Green Floral:

Brown Sugar and Fig


Green Leaves: green, fresh, aromatic, crisp, sharp

Products with Green Leaves:

Cranberry Woods


Green Tea: aromatic, green, spicy, smoky


Guava: fruity, sweet, tropical, ripe, juicy

Products with Guava:

Sweet Orange and Sriracha

Strawberry Guava


Hazelnut: gourmand, fruity, nutty, sweet


Hemp: aromatic, bright, citrus, lemon, lime, green, vetiver, patchouli


Honey: gourmand, sugary

Products with Honey:

Red Plum Baklava



Honeydew Melon: fruity, sweet, melon, green

Products with Honeydew Melon:



Hydrangea: floral, green, fresh, aromatic, sweet


Incense: aromatic, wood, spicy, resin, sweet, smoky

Products with Incense:

Smoked Oud


Jasmine: floral, powerful, sweet, animalic

Products with Jasmine:

White Tea


Lavender: aromatic, floral, herbaceous, fruity, woody, balsamic

Products with Lavender:

Black Coral and Moss


Leather: woody, earthy, aromatic, natural, smoky, velvety


Lemon: citrus, bright, clean, sharp, fresh, acidic

Products with Lemon:

Ginger and Spice

White Tea


Lemon Peel: citrus, zesty, bitter, bright

Products with Lemon Peel:

Strawberry Cheesecake

Fraser Fir


Lemon Verbena: aromatic, citrus, fruity, green, leafy

Products with Lemon Verbena:

Lemon Heads

Lemon Verbena

Coconut Lime Verbena


Lemongrass: citrus, smoked, spicy, herbaceous, green, camphorated

Products with Lemongrass:

Lemon Verbena


Light Musk: animalic, clean, comfortable, long-lasting, powdery, round, sexy, soft

Products with Light Musk:

Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator

Tonka and Oud


Lilac: floral, powdery, green, heliotrope, sweet, strong, fresh


Lily: floral, fresh, green, sweet, bright


Lily of the Valley: fresh, light, watery, floral, jasmine, crisp, green


Lime: citrus, green, acid, bitter


Linen: aromatic, clean, crisp, fresh, laundry, warm, soft

Products with Linen:

Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator


Mandarin: citrus, fruity, bitter, floral, green, sweet, slightly aromatic

Products with Mandarin:

Sweet Orange and Sriracha


Mango: fruity, exotic, green, sweet, sugary, juicy, crisp

Products with Mango:

Strawberry Guava


Maple: gourmand, sugary, caramel, sweet


Marine: aquatic, fresh, mineral, salty, transparent, watery

Products with Marine:

Black Coral and Moss



Marshmallow: gourmand, sugary, creamy, fruity, vanilla, powdery


Milk: creamy, milky, sweet, gourmand, lactonic

Products with Milk:

Caramel Latte


Mint: green, aromatic, fresh, sweet, minty, cooling

Products with Mint:

Mint Mojito


Moss: woody, mossy, earthy, powdery

Products with Moss:

Fraser Fir


Musk: animalic, clean, comfortable, long-lasting, powdery, round, sexy, soft

Products with Musk:

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Smoked Oud


Myrrh: sweet, ambery, balsamic, smoky

Products with Myrrh:

Smoked Oud

Frankincense and Myrrh

Rose and Oud


Nectarine: fruity, peach, lactonic, creamy


Neroli: sweet, floral, green, refreshing, bright, fresh

Products with Neroli:

Orange Blossom


Nutmeg: spicy, aromatic, terpenic, pepper, warm, slightly floral, woody

Products with Nutmeg:

Toasted Pumpkin Spice


Oak: woody, dry, smoky, warm

Products with Oak:

Dry Gin and Cypress


Oakmoss: mossy, earthy, marine, green, musky


Orange: citrus, bright, zesty, juicy, fruity

Products with Orange:

Ginger and Spice

Sea Salt and Orchid


Orange Blossom: green, floral, sweet, fruity, petal, white floral


Orange Peel: citrus, zesty, acidic, bitter

Products with Orange Peel:

Jamaica Me Crazy

Persimmon Citron


Oud: woody, ambery, leathery, animalic, smoky, earthy, musky

Products with Oud:

Smoked Oud

Tonka and Oud


Ozone: ozonic, fresh, watery, clean


Palm: vegetal, green, herbal

Products with Palm:

Coconut Lime Verbena

Pineapple Sage

White Oak and Vanilla


Palo Santo: woody, minty, fresh, cedar, lactonic


Papaya: exotic, tropical, sweet, delicous, fleshy, lactonic

Products with Papaya:

Peach Rings


Passionfruit: fruity, sweet, tropical, ripe, juicy

Products with Passionfruit:

Strawberry Guava

Passionfruit Pineapple


Patchouli: woody, camphorated, green, earthy, mossy, balsamic, powdery


Peach: fruity, lactonic, creamy, velvety, juicy, ripe fruit

Products with Peach:

Strawberry Guava

Persimmon Citron


Pecan: nutty, sweet, woody, gourmand, buttery, toasty


Peony: floral, white flower, green, rose, lily of the valley


Peppercorn: spicy, fresh, smoky, woody


Peppermint: fresh, sharp, cool, refreshing, calming, minty


Persimmon: sweet, fruity, earthy, pulpy


Petitgrain: green, floral, Leafy, Citrus

Products with Petitgrain:

Orange Blossom


Pie Crust: baked, warm, buttery, sugar, gourmand, toasted flour


Pine: woody, fresh, dry, weedy, green, pine

Products with Pine:

Cranberry Woods


Pineapple: fruity, exotic, pineapple, sweet, lactonic, tart

Products with Pineapple:

Mint Mojito

Black Coral and Moss

Jamaica Me Crazy


Plum: fruity, plum, berry, honey

Plumeria: plumeria, gardenia, creamy, lactonic, peach

Pomegranate: sweet, fruity, red fruit, green, citrus

Popcorn: toasted, buttery, sweet, gourmand

Products with Popcorn:

Caramel Popcorn

Powder: soft, gentle, subtle, fresh, dry, clean

Products with Powder:

Tonka and Oud

Praline: balsamic, burnt sugar, milky, ambery, nutty, caramel

Products with Praline:

Caramel Popcorn

Pumpkin: fruity, fall, aromatic, strong, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, sweet, cozy, warm, fresh

Products with Pumpkin:

Toasted Pumpkin Spice

Raspberry: fruity, red fruit, juicy, creamy, powdery, sweet

Products with Raspberry:

Black Violet and Saffron

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Rose: floral, sensual, powdery, romantic, sweet

Rosemary: aromatic, herbaceous, fresh, camphorated, eucalyptus, woody

Rum: gourmand, woody, liquor, fruity

Products with Rum:

Tonka and Oud

Mint Mojito

Saffron: aromatic, rich, warm, spicy, soft, leathery, woody, floral

Sage: herbal, camphorous, rosemary

Products with Sage:


Sandalwood: woody, creamy, sweet, balsamic, cedar, warm, spicy

Products with Sandalwood:

Toasted Coconut

Sea Salt: marine, oceanic, aromatic, watery, salty

Products with Sea Salt:

Brown Sugar and Fig


Shea: creamy, vanilla, gourmand, sweet, buttery

Smoke: smoky, woody, warm, dry

Products with Smoke:

Smoked Oud

Spearmint: minty, aromatic, herbaceous, sweet, fresh, sharp

Spice: intense, vibrant

Spruce: woody, balsamic, fir, green, resinous, spicy, leathery, warm, fresh

Strawberry: fruity, fresh, juicy, sweet

Products with Strawberry:

Strawberry Cheesecake

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Sugar: sweet, gourmand, sugary, powdery

Products with Sugar:

Blueberry Cheesecake


Tangerine: zesty, citrus, juicy, orange, bright, sweet, fruity

Products with Tangerine:

Jamaica Me Crazy

Coconut Lime Verbena

Persimmon Citron

Teakwood: woody, masculine, bold, fresh, earthy, green, rich, warm, spicy, strong

Products with Teakwood:


 Tequila: sweet, strong, gourmand, alcohol, pepper, citrus, mild, light, subtle

Thyme: aromatic, resinous, spicy, leathery, medicinal

Tobacco Leaves: warm, earthy, sweet, aromatic, balsamic

Tomato Leaf: green, leafy, fresh, aromatic, earthy

Tonka Bean: sweet, spicy, nutty, herbaceous, woody, vanilla, tobaco, warm, seductive

Products with Tonka Bean:

Tonka and Oud

Tuberose: floral, white fower, green, spicy, fruity, lactonic, jasmine, animalic

Vanilla: warm, aromatic, gourmand, sweet, rich, comforting

Verbena: lemon, fresh, citrusy, floral, green

Vetiver: woody, earthy, rooty, smoky, nutty, powdery

Products with Vetiver:

Black Coral and Moss

Black Violet and Saffron

Violet: floral, powdery, soft, romantic, feminine, fresh

Products with Violet:

Black Violet and Saffron

Walnut: gourmand, fruity, nutty, salty, warm

Products with Walnut:

Banana Nut Bread

Watermelon: fruity, watery, fresh, green, sweet

Whiskey: gourmand, bitter, dry, clean, subtle, heavy, smooth, creamy, rich, earthy

White Oak and Vanilla

White Tea: crisp, watery, floral, acidic, fruity, peach, melon, apple, pear

Wood: creamy, dry, earthy, long-lasting, rich, sensual, smoky, warm

Ylang Ylang: floral, white floral, opulent, sweet, spicy, exotic



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