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100% Soy Wax

Palo Santo + Patchouli

Palo Santo + Patchouli

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A woody scent of warm spices is blended with sandalwood and sweet patchouli for an enticing and comforting aroma.


Moss, Bergamot, Violet


Incense, Saffron


Palo Santo, Patchouli, Sandalwood

This is a listing for one candle.

Ingredients: 100% soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oil.

Some fragrances may contain essential oil blends.

An eco-wick is used for all finished candles, free of lead and zinc, constructed from natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads. This wick is known to mimic self-trimming characteristics by producing a slight curl when the candle is burning after some time.

When using for the first time, extinguish your candle once the entire surface is melted, this can help prevent tunneling which can allow the candle to burn through evenly and ensure the wick is centered. Remember to clean out all wick trimmings and debris to prevent the wick from clogging.


Before every lighting, place your candle on a stable surface. Keep away from flammable objects, drafts, children, and pets.

Trim the wick to 1/4” every lighting session to limit black soot/smoke.

Based on our 3" diameter jar sizes, burn your candle for at least 3 to 4 hours at a time. Do not leave the candle burning for longer to prevent the jar from overheating - improper handling of a candle jar lit for a long period of time can become a safety hazard.

Each 3oz (85g) candle offers up to 18 hours of burning time.

Each 9oz (255g) candle offers up to 54 hours of burning time.

Handpoured in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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